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Video: 10-year-old Naomi on Her Mom’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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From the editors: Krista Curley is 42 and lives with her family in Ontario, Canada. She has been blogging about life with metastatic breast cancer since 2016. In a recent video, Krista’s daughter Naomi, who is 10, talked about having a mom with metastatic disease:

Krista gave the background story in our recent podcast:

“…It came about, the idea… my husband Pat had written a blog post for the blog from a husband’s perspective, which I thought was great. And then, Naomi said, ‘Well, I would like to do something for your blog.’ And I said, ‘Okay. Well, we can do that.’ So, one night [I] just asked her some questions, and said, ‘What’s important to you? How do you feel?’ And I wrote notes and gave them to her, and then she wrote her speech. And we decided that it would be easier for her and more impactful, I think, to do a video.

Krista and Naomi

“And I was happy to have that perspective from her, because we don’t hear that very often about what’s happening with the children and how they’re thinking or feeling when they see their parents going through an illness and affecting their day-to-day lives. So…very happy with that and again, yeah, so proud. … And yes, our dog kept butting in. And she still managed to get in there at the end, but yeah. We received tremendous support from that, and it’s made her feel special, and that makes me really happy as well.”

Krista Curley lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband Patrick, their son Ethan, 16, and their daughter Naomi, 10. Krista blogs about her experience at Metastatic Breast Cancer: Now What? You can also listen to our podcast featuring Krista’s conversation with senior editor Jamie DePolo.

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