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"I was diagnosed with TNBC on April 13, 2016. Naturally my first thought was to show the doctor my full iPhone calendar and tell him I have no room for this nonsense!!!! However given the seriousness of the 'triple threat,' I listened quite intently and wiped my calendar clean for the next 5 months, believe me when I tell you it was the hardest thing to do having 4 children, a hubby (man child), and a lot of extra-curricular activities!!!

"We are starting this journey with the best doctors in Newport Beach, CA. We are traveling about an hour from home each week but well worth it!!! Recommendation #1, if you are able to, do your research on who the best breast cancer surgeon and oncologist is around you!! Make sure you go to a breast cancer center!

"Onto the good stuff.... I am currently in chemo as I am writing to you today! My chemo plan is 5 months, once a week for 12 weeks of Taxol/Carboplatin and then the 'red devil' AC for 8 weeks every other week! I know it sounds grueling and it will be but if I want to be CANCER FREE for the rest of my life, I am trusting in my doctors and MY FAITH!!!

"Recommendation #2 whomever or whatever you believe in, stay strong and allow Him/Her/It to keep you positive that this is only a road block in your walk of life and that He/She/It will carry you over that BIG BOULDER CALLED TNBC and put you down gently on the other side stronger so you can continue life's journey!! Have FAITH and stay strong!!!"

-- Nordgirl, diagnosed triple negative in April 2016.

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