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"I was diagnosed in 2009 (at 35) with IDC; my maternal grandmother had cancer but that was all we knew about. My sister was diagnosed with mucinous carcinoma in 2010 (at 49) and then our mum was diagnosed in 2013 with papillary breast cancer. Funnily enough, we're all lefties and the primary spot was almost in the same location.

"Our Dad also has prostate cancer, but apparently that's due to his age...not that that makes it any better for him though.

"Unfortunately, I now have mets to lung, bone, and lymph nodes so I'll have shared treatment time with mum and my sister. The thing I find saddest is that our sister-in-law has just found out she has DCIS but was hesitant to talk about it with me as she didn't feel it was 'proper' cancer and not serious enough to be fearful or upset about. Cancer is shitty -- whatever the stage."

-- blondedoris, shared a diagnosis with her grandmother, mother, father, sister, and sister-in-law

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